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Charlie Ponsonby, CEO and Co-founder
Will Lytle, COO


Plandek is a global leader in end-to-end software delivery metrics and analytics, and we work with clients of all sizes and levels of Agile DevOps maturity. This in-depth guide to software delivery metrics is a practical resource that will help you:
  • Select the metrics that you want to track (relevant to your use case)
  • Identify the tools you need to collect the data
  • Set targets and embed the metrics across your organisation
  • Drive real behaviour change in order to improve your delivery effectiveness

It will allow you to gain expert knowledge in software delivery metrics and how engineering intelligence can be utilised to improve efficiency, productivity and business goals.

Included in this guide:

  1. The rise and rise of end-to-end software delivery metrics – explore how software delivery metrics and analytics can help improve delivery effectiveness.
  2. End-to-end metrics in effective DevOps Value Stream Management (VSM)

  3. Key watch-outs when applying software delivery metrics – the role of metrics in the ‘philosophy’ of Agile software delivery.
  4. Overall delivery health and alignment – including how to set ‘North Star’ metrics.
  5. Delivery and Agile Metrics – including Value Delivered metrics, Delivery Efficiency metrics, Backlog Health, Delivery Quality and Flow metrics.
  6. Sprint Metrics – or Dependability Metrics, including Sprint Completion and Sprint Target Completion, Sprint Work Added Completion, Sprint Goals Delivered and Sprint Velocity.
  7. Code Metrics – including Commit Counts and other related metrics, Pull Request metrics and Ticket Complexity.
  8. DevOps and Engineering Metrics (including DORA metrics and SPACE metrics) – the DevOps metrics that we list here reflect the core Agile objective of increasing the frequency of deployments by better managing the continuous integration and continuous deployment process.
  9. Metrics for different levels of Agile DevOps Maturity – including metrics for early-stage Agile DevOps practitioners, to intermediate and more advanced levels.
  10. Software metrics for C-Suite – the metrics that every CTO should provide the C-Suite.
  11. Intelligent analytics for software delivery – team-level intelligent analytics to improve sprint and epic delivery.
  12. Use cases for the application of software delivery metrics – applying metrics to drive business benefits.
  13. Embedding a culture of continuous self-improvement through metrics – creating a hierarchy of metrics that everybody understands
  14. Case Study 1 – reducing cycle time by 25% at a global data business
  15. Case Study 2 – building an insight-driven delivery organisation
  16. Case Study 3 – improving software delivery predictability

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The ultimate guide to software delivery and engineering metrics

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