Plandek for Technology Leadership

Ensure resources and costs align with roadmap priorities. Set your ‘North Star’ metrics to accelerate value delivery and improve ROI. Our Align features for strategic leadership are available on the Plandek Enterprise plan →

Ensure technology resource is aligned with your strategic goals and roadmap

A key first step in delivery efficiency and ROI is to ensure that your resource is focused on planned work that is of high strategic and economic value. The aim is to reduce unplanned work (e.g. bug fixing) and fully understand the relationship between building new features and fixing technical debt. 

The proportion of time, resource and cost expended, relative to key identified value streams or product areas and how this trending over time – i.e. are we expending effort on the things that really matter?

Plandek for Technology Leadership
Plandek - Cost Planned Work vs Cost Unplanned Work

The balance between Planned and Unplanned work (e.g. bug fixing) to understand the proportion of your finite technology resource ‘diverted away’ to unplanned work

Analysis of the proportion of Planned work that is Technical Debt versus building New Roadmap Features – to understand the actual resource available to deliver your strategic roadmap goals.

Plandek - Cost of Tech Debt vs Cost of New Features
Plandek for Technology Leadership

The proportion of backlog accounted for by different value streams/strategic priorities and how this is trending over time – to see if we are keeping on top of our roadmap in critical areas.

Create a balanced scorecard of North Star metrics to track and drive improvement across the end-to-end delivery process

The start-point for any continuous improvement is a balanced set of metrics around which your whole delivery organisation can align. The improvement will be driven bottom-up by your teams, (assisted by the new level of insight provided by Plandek), but the focus of the improvement activity will be driven by the North Star metrics agreed upon at an organisation-wide level.

Use the DORA or Flow metrics

Use the DORA or Flow metrics - or select your own

Plandek is highly customisable and you can select your own set of North Star metrics (for example aligned with your identified OKRs), or you can use popular metrics such as the DORA metrics or the Flow metrics – all of which are available in Plandek.

Kick-start a continuous improvement initiative to accelerate your value delivery

Kick-start a continuous improvement initiative to accelerate your value delivery

Your North Star metrics will form the basis of your organisation-wide continuous improvement initiative, as they set the direction and provide goals for all teams.   

Managers and Team Leader dashboards will be customised to their needs, but always reflect the desire to improve the organisation-wide North Star metrics.

Kick-start a continuous improvement initiative to accelerate your value delivery
Integrating Plandek with your OKR or GQM framework

Share understandable metrics with stakeholders

Integrating Plandek with your OKR or GQM framework

Well-chosen North Star metrics are also ideal for sharing with stakeholders to build trust, demonstrate ROI and give them a better understanding of the Agile DevOps process and the increasing effectiveness of your delivery capability

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