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Empowering engineering teams through intelligent insight to build software better

End-to-end delivery and engineering metrics, analytics and intelligent alerts to align and accelerate your value delivery

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Delivery and engineering analytics – loved by teams, relied on by managers

For teams:

  • Team level delivery and engineering metrics- owned by you!
  • Transform your stand-ups and retros with new insight and hard data
  • Intelligent alerts to identify bottlenecks/issues
  • Improve your velocity and sprint accuracy with Plandek’s Sprint Xcelerator dashboard
  • Set your targets and drive your team’s continuous improvement
  • Save time with reporting
  • NEW Plandek LiveView identifies sprint blockers and ‘action items’ as they occur

For managers:

  • Track and accelerate the delivery of value by product and Value Stream
  • Quantify and share success of high-performing teams
  • Empower teams with new insight to continuously improve over time;
  • Apply root-cause diagnostics to recover problem projects mid-flight
  • Use LiveView feed to optimise sprints with real-time diagnosis of a range of critical measurements
  • Track and accelerate your Agile DevOps maturity (e.g. DORA metrics)
  • Build trust with stakeholders by sharing metrics they understand

Plandek is used by engineering teams to transform their software delivery effectiveness

Value Stream metrics and analytics to align and Xcelerate your value delivery

Unlock the power of the data sitting within your DevOps toolsets (from ideation to deployment)​
Use our out-of the-box Xcelerator dashboards or create your own

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A cloud-based, prescriptive analytics platform – architected for scale and super-easy to implement

Whatever the scale of your delivery capability – from single teams to Scaled Agile enterprise environments, Plandek’s lean cloud-based analytics platform is secure and super-easy to implement

  • Stack-agnostic and process agnostic (integrates across diverse systems and workflows)
  • Integrates across your DevOps toolsets (issue management, code repos, CI/CD tools)
  • Analytics-only solution – no orchestration layer required
  • Architected for enterprise scale and security

Why users love Plandek


​Plandek is recognised as a top Global Vendor by Gartner in their DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms Market Guide November 2021



​Plandek is recognised as a top Global Vendor by Forrester in The Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022


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