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End-to-end metrics to build software better

Continuously improve your delivery effectiveness with the most complete end-to-end metrics and analytics.


Effective Value Stream Management with Plandek 

Organisations use Plandek to help establish and improve their Value Stream Management.  Effective Value Stream Management requires the management and analysis of the software delivery life cycle in its entirety – which is exactly what Plandek’s powerful end-to-end analytics are designed to do. 


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Introducing Buildtrakr

A deep-dive analytics solution for Jenkins and CircleCI customers, delivering a new level of insight across your build process. Brought to you by the Plandek team.


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Combine data from multiple sources for powerful insights

Plandek combines data from the tools used across your end-to-end delivery process for a new level of insight, to identify delivery risk and improve effectiveness.

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Workflow management tools

Analyse how work moves through your teams - all epics, stories, tasks, tickets and statuses that sit within workflow management tools like Jira or Azure DevOps.

Code repositories

Combine the improved understanding of your teams’ workflows with analysis of code committed in tools like GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket.

DevOps - CI/CD tools

Synthesise insight from your Continuous Delivery/Integration tools like Jenkins and CircleCI, to understand the interdependency between development and your CI/CD processes.

Service management tools

Link application management metrics to analytics of the delivery process, for the complete picture.

Team collaboration tools

Enrich your understanding with real-time feedback from your engineers, collected via collaboration tools like Slack.

Unlock the power of your underlying data to drive immediate benefit

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Plandek is an integral part  of effective value stream management

It provides the most complete end-to-end analytics solution available. It leverages your unused data assets to help you deliver better.

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Track the success of your Agile transformation

Share meaningful metrics with the C-Suite to demonstrate delivery improvement over time.

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Improve visibility and reduce delivery risk in Scaled Agile environments

See differences across teams, locations, and outsource partners.

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Improve delivery and engineering quality

See where the quality of your delivery process is letting you down and track quality of delivered software.

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Improve teams’ dependability

Empower teams to improve sprint and PI delivery accuracy and so improve overall predictability of delivery.

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Increase value delivered and reduce Time to Value

Identify the friction in your delivery process to increase throughput and reduce lead times.

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Empower teams to continuously improve

Allow teams to choose meaningful metrics at team level and so objectively improve their effectiveness over time.

Apply powerful analytics and metrics to improve  your value stream management 

Transform your value delivery effectiveness with Plandek’s unique end-to-end view of your delivery process – surfaced in customisable dashboards used by technology teams,  managers, and leadership.



Value Delivered

Track value delivered and changes in Time to Value

Delivery Efficiency

Allow teams to track and improve key metrics (e.g. Flow Efficiency) that impact value delivered


Empower teams to better understand how to consistently deliver their sprint goals and so increase predictability at scale and over time

Backlog Health

Lift the lid on your backlog as a key determinant of future velocity

Delivery and Engineering Quality

See how to improve delivery process effectiveness (such as First Time Pass Rate) and resulting software quality

Team Feedback

Wrap in feedback from collaboration hubs like Slack to understand your engineers’ view of your process effectiveness and morale

The complete solution – Insight-driven Agile Delivery (IDAD)

Technology alone does not always deliver real value.  We work with our clients to deliver real and sustainable improvements.

Our proprietary IDAD framework helps clients consider the metrics most suited to them and helps embed meaningful metrics and analytics across your organisation using Plandek – to drive continuous improvement.   

Read more about IDAD and Plandek Customer Success>

Plandek is used by organisations across the US, Canada, and Europe to transform their software delivery effectiveness

“The improved visibility that Plandek provides is a key enabler on our journey towards Agile engineering excellence.”

Eirik Pettersen, CTO

Top 5 Early Warning Signs of Problem Technology Projects

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The “Big Six” Drivers of Project Productivity and Predictability in Agile Environments

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Using Plandek within an OKR framework, to reduce software delivery Cycle Time by >25%

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