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How Plandek can support portco CTOs to accelerate R&D ROI

Plandek is trusted across private and public sector organisations globally to drive productivity, improve predictability and accelerate the delivery of value.

Find out more about Plandek’s role in private equity value creation and how we can help drive R&D ROI in your portcos.

Plandek provides the metrics and analytics to improve R&D ROI within portcos

The Plandek analytics platform is used widely by portco CTOs to increase the productivity of their delivery teams and accelerate the delivery of value to their customers.

  • CTOs use Plandek to better understand the end-to-end software delivery process and build a world-class delivery capability
  • Plandek answers two key questions for the CTO: is our technology resource correctly focused on our strategic priorities? And if so, are we delivering as efficiently as possible? If the answer two both questions is ‘yes’ – then we are optimising R&D ROI
  • Plandek’s highly customisable dashboards and metrics are adopted across the delivery organisation from the teams upwards, to drive productivity and accelerate value delivery
  • Plandek is super-easy to install and plugs seamlessly into existing DevOps toolsets​

Plandek’s role in the value creation journey

Plandek plays a key role in every phase of the value-creation journey.


Value creation planning

  • Thesis validation
  • Initial technology capability diagnostic
  • Create a ‘Balanced scorecard’ of delivery metrics against which to track and drive improvement going forwards

Value delivery and value realisation

  • Metrics-led continuous improvement driven by portco CTOs and their teams
  • Improved visibility and risk management
  • Data-led dialogue across portcos and with PE operating partners
  • Quant evidence of tech capability and improvement over time available at point of value realisation

Plandek is currently used widely across Hg portcos

Plandek is used by CTOs across a wide range of Hg portcos to track and drive their R&D ROI.

Stuart Pearce, Portfolio CTO, Hg:

“We are here to help our portfolio companies accelerate their value delivery. The effectiveness of their technology delivery – and the ROI of their R&D – is a key piece of that jigsaw.” “Plandek enables our portfolio companies to track and drive their R&D ROI, as part of their broader value creation approach.”

Matt Baxter, CTO, Caseware

“A leading North American accounting software business within the Hg portfolio. “Stuart works in an advisory capacity for us and Plandek is a great example of this productive relationship in action. We have implemented the Plandek analytics platform and it now underpins our focus on value delivery within technology at Caseware” Hg:

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