Plandek Premium Service

Our Premium Service package helps your engineering teams to adopt Plandek from day one and continuously improving beyond the metrics. Explore Pricing and Plans → 

Semi-Annual Health Checks

Our knowledgeable team will perform bi-annual health checks, to review your progress and help steer improvements.

Quarterly Benchmark Reviews

Gain access to exclusive benchmark insights to see how your performance compares to other similar businesses.

Concierge Service

Our concierge service ensures that all of your day-to-day needs are met, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Training & Onboarding Support

We can cater to bespoke training needs to support your unique team structures.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Gain access to Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide a more seamless user experience with improved security.

Outcomes & Metric Workshop

One-hour workshop to facilitate conversations on desired outcomes and guide you on the necessary metrics.

Our Premium package is an enhanced service to help you and your teams adopt Plandek from day one. Plus, our in-house experts will help you to keep driving continuous improvements and pushing what Plandek can do for you next.

Our award-winning Customer Success team become an extension of your own team

What’s included in Plandek Premium Package

To compare our plans and available add-ons, please see Pricing & Plans

Semi-annual Health Check

For our Premium customers, we provide an independent bi-annual review, highlighting the successes you’ve had and to make expert recommendations for your ongoing continual improvement agenda.

This review can be performed at a product or aggregate level, depending on the structure of your R&D. We are happy to tailor this audit to ensure it aligns with your strategic initiatives and focus areas.

Quarterly Benchmark Review

Want to better understand where you sit, relative to similar companies, alongside the improvements you’ve made over the last few quarters? Each quarter, we provide a review of which percentile you sit in comparatively, as well as where you were in previous quarters, so you can quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

*Also available as individual add-on service

Training & Onboarding Support

Many of our clients have bespoke training needs to support their unique team structures and environments.

Our Premium package provides a flexible approach to ensure the rollout is a success, including:

● A flexible training plan that caters to your preferred rollout strategy
● Unlimited training ‘refreshers’ for teams who need them
● Follow-up sessions with teams to help with Q&A and use cases
● Dedicated onboarding video to greet new users to Plandek
● Custom videos or instructional guides for your templates

Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)

Concierge Service

Our concierge service ensures that all of your day-to-day needs are met, so you can focus on what matters most. As part of our Premium concierge service, Plandek can help with the following areas:

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Improving your team’s efficiency with Plandek starts from before you even log in. Gain access to Single Sign-On (SSO) as a Plandek Premium user, for a more seamless user experience with improved security.

Plandek - Flow metrics dashboard

Outcomes & Metrics Workshop

Our Premium package includes a one-hour workshop, where our Customer Success team will help facilitate a conversation on your desired outcomes and guide you on the metrics that will help you drive adoption and success. 

We will also help you set up customised templates so these can easily be rolled-out across your teams.

Dedicated Plandek support to help at every level

Every Plandek Enterprise customer is assigned one of our deep domain experts to help customers at all levels, from senior leadership roles to the engineering team. 

Tech Leadership

We help leadership define ‘what good looks like’ and select North Star metrics


We help managers adopt Plandek across your delivery organisation


…and we help teams adopt Plandek to self-improve over time…

Virtuous Cycle

The result is a continuously improving delivery capability

Accelerate roadmap delivery with the complete intelligent analytics platform

Enterprise-level intelligent analytics to accelerate your roadmap delivery & improve delivery capability. Including over 50+ metrics, OTB dashboards & custom configurations to build the insights you need.

Free technical POC available for Enterprise features.