For strategic alignment at every level of your organization

Our Align tools help leaders to improve roadmap delivery, engineering productivity & ROI, with C-suite & stakeholder reporting, North Star CI dashboards & value stream metrics. Available in Plandek Enterprise →

North Star CI dashboards

Align your teams using the ‘North Star’ CI dashboards​. Set targets to track important metrics and drive improvements over time.

Customisable team workspaces

Customisable workspaces for all levels of the organization - leaders, managers & teams - with a single pane of glass.

Strategic Alignment dashboards for VSM

​See how your total effort is allocated across initiatives, value streams & investment areas​ with our Strategic Alignment dashboards.

Combine financial, customer or HR data

Our powerful Custom Time Series API helps to connect the dots across the business. Overlay financial, customer or HR data for unique insights.

Dedicated reporting for stakeholders

Build trust with stakeholders – transform your reporting of software delivery effectiveness​, with stakeholder reports that speak their language.

Benchmark insights & health checks

Choose our Premium package for training & support, health checks and benchmark insights to see how your metrics compare.

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Our Align features for strategic leadership are included in the Plandek Enterprise plan. Get in touch with us for a demo and to kick-off your free technical POC.

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Connect the dots across your organization, from stakeholders to engineering teams

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Set your own ‘North Star’ metrics to define what good looks like in your business

Plandek enables technology leadership to align your delivery organisation around a set of metrics that ‘define what good looks like’.

This may include the DORA metrics, SPACE metrics, Flow metrics or a custom set of engineering metrics that more accurately mirror your objectives and level of Agile maturity.​

Figure 5: Example Plandek ‘North Star’ metrics graphics and dashboards

Use the Plandek custom time series API to combine financial, customer or HR data

Overlay data from sources outside the SDLC, such as finance, HR or customer data, to discover new insights across your teams.​ For example:

Speed up financial analysis and R&D tax credit submission with financial data points​. Calculate cost of delivery by roadmap milestone and much more… 

Overlay customer insights with software delivery metrics, to better understand these relationships. For example, place your product NPS (Net Promoter Scores) on top of your Deployment Frequency North Star metric  – so teams can identify if more frequent deployments equals happier customers.​

Transform your C-suite and stakeholder reporting with Plandek

Build trust and understanding with stakeholders. Move beyond traditional progress and RAG reports and provide a ‘balanced scorecard’ of metrics to evidence delivery efficiency, productivity, performance and ROI.

Research shows that over 60% of technology stakeholders feel that they lack understandable KPIs to better understand delivery efficiency and progress. Plandek’s dedicated stakeholders reporting helps to change this, with reports that show only the need-to-know results and finally speak their language.

Figure 30: Example Plandek report of ‘effectiveness’ metrics for C-suite stakeholders

​See how your total effort is allocated across initiatives, value streams and investment areas​

Track the focus of your finite resource in whatever way is most meaningful to your organisation – e.g. by investment area, product, project, initiative or value stream.​

Continuously track and drive your delivery focus on the priorities that your organisation have defined as most valuable – this will be critical to maximise your delivery ROI.


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Enterprise-level intelligent analytics to accelerate your roadmap delivery & improve delivery capability. Including over 50+ metrics, OTB dashboards & custom configurations to build the insights you need.

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