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Key Metrics to Track and Improve Sprint Delivery

Charlie Ponsonby, CEO and Co-founder
Will Lytle, COO

This guide ‘Key Metrics to Track and Improve Sprint Delivery’ provides metrics and approaches for Sprint practitioners at various levels, offering basic delivery metrics, integrated Sprint Velocity analytics for experienced teams, and advanced real-time intelligent analytics for all capability levels.

It is a practical resource to help you:

  1. Select the metrics that you might want to track (relevant to your use case)
  2. The tools you need to collect the data
  3. How you might set suitable targets
  4. Hot to embed the metrics across your organisation and drive real behaviour change to improve your delivery effectiveness.

The guide draws on our experience with multiple clients who use Plandek’s end-to-end software delivery analytics to improve their delivery capability and outcomes.


What’s included in this guide to using Scrum metrics to improve Sprint delivery:

  1. Basic Scrum delivery metrics – suitable for all levels of Sprint practitioners, from beginner to advanced.
  2. Integrated Sprint Velocity analysis – this is particularly recommended for reasonably experienced Scrum Agile teams.
  3. Advanced intelligent analytics to improve Sprint and Epic delivery – highly recommended for all levels of capability (and for resource-constrained organisations lacking Scrum Master resources).

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