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Plandek difference

Loved by teams, relied on by managers

Plandek is built on a team-led philosophy as our experience shows Value Stream metrics that appeal to both teams and managers drive real business benefit.

‘Top-down’ metrics that fail to engage teams soon become inaccurate – and do not stimulate improvement as it is the teams that drive the change. So Plandek is unique in its ability to:

  • Engage teams and enable team self-improvement
  • Give product owners the ability to better manage delivery
  • Provide leadership with Value Stream visibility and reporting

Stack-agnostic and process agnostic (integrating across diverse systems and workflows)

Plandek is super-easy to implement and integrates with Atlassian and Azure DevOps toolsets.

But what really sets Plandek apart is its super-flexibility. It integrates with multiple systems instances (cloud and on-prem) and multiple processes and workflows. So, teams can work the way they want and Plandek collates and surfaces meaningful metrics at both team and aggregate level.

Analytics-only solution that does not require the implementation of an orchestration layer

Plandek is a skinny, cloud-based analytics-only platform. It does one thing only and one thing very well – which is provide end-to-end insight across your value streams. As such it does not require a costly orchestration layer. It really is plug and play.

Architected for enterprise scale and security

Plandek has been built from the ground up for enterprise security and scale. The Plandek data platform enables you to manipulate data across complex organisational hierarchies (business units, tribes, RTs etc) and to surface data from many thousands of engineers if required.

And Plandek is committed to your information security and our infosec credentials can be viewed here.

The complete end-to-end view for real insight

Real Value Stream insight comes from ‘joining the dots’ across your end-to-end software delivery process – so that you can view the process in its entirety (from ideation to deployment) and identify and manage the bottlenecks and weaknesses.

Plandek is designed to integrate across your DevOps toolset to provide this end-to-end view. A view that is simply not possible with existing Atlassian and ADO plug-ins.

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