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Measuring the impact of GenAI tools on software delivery

Will Lytle, COO and Pranav Lakhotia, Head of Professional Services

Introducing Plandek’s framework for measuring the impact of GenAI tools on software delivery

In the world of software development, the use of tools such as Github Copilot and ChatGPT can help software engineers in a variety of ways, from AI assisted pair programming to automating writing unit tests – all of which are designed to help engineers save time and bring code to production faster.

As the popularity of these tools increase, technology leaders are all asking the same questions about what improvements GenAI can bring to their engineering teams and how to measure it.

Plandek is uniquely positioned to quantitively assess the impact of GenAI on the software delivery process and help to answer these questions. We have been involved in empirical research across multiple businesses to monitor these factors and been able to create a GenAI framework to help other businesses. 

Our GenAI framework will help technology leaders track improvements in these key areas:

  • Productivity: Will these tools increase our overall productivity?
  • Predictability:Will we be able to become more reliable and predictable with our commitments?
  • Quality: Will we be able to maintain the quality of our output?
  • Developer Experience: Will our developers be happier if we introduced these tools?
  • Profitability: Does the introduction of GenAI tools ultimately help us maximize our R&D investments?


How to monitor the impact of GenAI tools in your engineering organization

The Plandek framework considers metrics which are directly in the control of engineers, as well as broader metrics which reflect the efficiency of the overall SDLC. GenAI tools can positively influence both, and our framework shares how to measure the impact of GenAI tools in your organization to give you an overall view.

Our GenAI framework has been already been applied in large organizations. We recently worked with the Visma Group to help implement Plandek across 23 of their companies to assess the impact across different organizations and teams – download our framework to find out more!

Included in this framework:

  1. What impact are GenAI tools having on software delivery?

  2. How Plandek helps customers to measure the impact of GenAI

  3. Real use cases of GenAI tools and the adoption trend

  4. Plandek’s GenAI framework: the key areas of impact

  5. Research study with the Visma Group and how the GenAI framwork was used

  6. The results: how did GenAI impact these companies over time? Qual and quant findings shared.

  7. How do we structure the ROI on R&D?

  8. Key takeaway for your organization

Download now: ‘Measuring the impact of GenAI tools on software delivery’ 

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