Build bespoke metrics and dashboards for the engineering questions you need answers to

Plandek offers the widest range of highly configurable metrics and dashboards. Connect third-party data sources and overlay custom data for insights on engineering impact across the organization. Available in Plandek Enterprise →

Create highly-customised dashboards and metric configurations

Plandek offers the unique ability to build bespoke analytics in your organization, thanks to our highly-configurable metrics & dashboards. It's why many choose Plandek over similar tools.

Customisable workspaces with a single pane of glass

Customisable workspaces for your leaders, managers and teams, with a single pane of glass. Work towards the same goals, with different views that help each team to get there.

Overlay data with third-party sources to connect the dots across the organization

Combine data from third party sources to enhance your dashboards. Overlay data to find meaningful insights and correlations using data from finance, HR and customer success.

Root cause analysis to perform a deep-dive and get answers to engineering questions

Plandek provides a blank canvas to perform a deep-dive and help get to the bottom of those unanswered engineering questions.

For a full overview of Plandek’s metrics, dashboards and features available, book a demo to chat to our team. We’ll show you around Plandek Enterprise features and help you get started with a technical POC.

Trusted by engineering teams to mentor them, not monitor them

Create highly customised dashboards & metric configurations for bespoke software engineering insights

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Custom & root cause analytics capabilities​

Plandek customisations enable you to answer your engineering questions with root-cause analytics .

We offer a blank canvas for users looking to solve delivery and engineering challenges.  There are hundreds of potential metrics available in the Plandek metrics library, as each metric is highly configurable.​

Plandek - Custom Time Series API

Plandek’s custom time series API enables you to ingest data from sources outside the SDLC​

Integrate data from DevOps tools that sit across the SDLC, from workflow management tools to code repos, CI/CD tools and monitoring tools – including Jira and ADO. 

Plandek custom time series API enables users to go further and overlay any other data source – e.g. financial, customer, or HR data – to find interesting correlations and insights across the wider organization.

Workspaces enable users to surface analytics at a level of aggregation that suits their needs​

Plandek provides a single pane of glass across all your delivery teams and across the end-to-end delivery process (SDLC).​

  • Aggregate and view data at any level within your organisation – from total business, to individual team. ​
  • Create a hierarchy of data views that match your teams’ needs and organisation structure – regardless of whether you work in squads, product teams, or tribes, it works for you.
  • Define user access permissions, so users only see the insights relevant to them.​

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Accelerate roadmap delivery with the complete intelligent analytics platform

Enterprise-level intelligent analytics to accelerate your roadmap delivery & improve delivery capability. Including over 50+ metrics, OTB dashboards & custom configurations to build the insights you need.

Free technical POC available for Enterprise features.