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Agile Roadmap Delivery Guide – 1

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Table of Contents

1. Software delivery metrics – key watch-outs

There was a long period in Agile software delivery where ‘metrics’ were a dirty word – advocates of Agile successfully argued that:

  • software delivery ‘is more of a people-centric art than a science’
  • top-down measurement is intrinsically bad
  • metrics will be gamed
  • metrics are resented by engineers …

so don’t even think about introducing metrics across the Agile delivery process!

All these arguments have merit, but after twenty-odd years of attempting to implement Agile across organisations, a shared view has grown that some form of measurement to underpin a culture of continuous improvement is vital.

The key is to measure the software delivery process and not to focus on measuring the individual engineer.

Indeed, delivering software (from design to the live environment) involves many individuals, responsibilities, workflows, systems, and interactions – it is a complex process and can be measured.