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Plandek’s platform technology provides intelligent, end-to-end insight not available from DevOps tools’ reporting

Plandek is a specialist analytics platform designed to surface metrics and analytics across the end-to-end software delivery process

Plandek provides insight that is not available from generic BI tools and reporting point solutions offered by individual DevOps tools (such as Jira reporting). The key differences between Plandek and other analytics solutions:

Plandek is a specialist analytics platform designed to surface metrics

Out-of-the-box and customised solutions, both in the cloud and on-premises

Yes, Plandek is a cloud-based SaaS platform that will give your organisation immediate access to customisable dashboards, enabling company-wide strategic alignment and team-based continuous improvement.

For enterprise deployments, Plandek offers various UI options for each client’s bespoke requirements, all of which are hosted on client servers or the cloud.

For enterprise deployments, Plandek protects your information by providing a Kubernetes-based on-premise data gatherer that sanitises all data before exporting it into the cloud.

Enterprise clients gain access to Plandek’s API to integrate with their front-end solutions, executed through a variety of hosting options.

Secure and easy to set up

Plandek’s secure SaaS solution is a ‘soft touch’ from a client perspective. Hosted on Google Cloud, Plandek can deploy locally for larger enterprise customers and no integration effort is required from the client.

Data security is our key priority throughout. We recognise the great responsibility of processing our trusted clients’ data off-premises and take a number of steps to ensure the utmost security for your data.

Secure and easy to set up
Proprietary LiveView intelligent analytics

Proprietary LiveView intelligent analytics

Plandek has developed advanced predictive and prescriptive data analytics to improve software delivery forecasting and delivery outcomes.

LiveView which is available at Sprint and Epic levels quantifies delivery risk; identifies potential blockers in real time; and recommends mitigations (‘action items’) to improve on-time delivery.   

LiveView is underpinned by Plandek’s own algorithms, which analyse teams’ ticket history, in order to identify anomalies that constitute risks and recommend mitigating actions.


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