Introducing the enhanced SmartView for Sprints and Epics

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Will Lytle

COO, Plandek

Since the launch of SmartView in April 2022, the Plandek team has been extremely busy collecting feedback and designing the next generation of AI-driven software delivery tools. We are thrilled to unveil the enhanced SmartView for Sprints and Epics, an innovative tool for teams that leverages machine learning to spot risks that traditionally disrupt the delivery flow and allow them to react in real time. 

Effective product delivery is paramount in today’s rapidly evolving software landscape. Our data scientists, engineers, and Agile delivery experts have intelligently designed SmartView to revolutionise how teams keep track of and manage their Sprints and Epics. It allows product delivery teams to track the delivery of their work across the entire toolchain.

Plandek SmartView

How SmartView can change the way teams deliver:

 1. Understand the health of your Sprint/Epic through our new Risk Score

The new Risk Score reflects the current health of a Sprint/Epic based on real-time insights throughout the delivery toolchain. SmartView evaluates various behaviours that have a material impact on a team’s ability to meet their delivery goals successfully and provides early indicators when they get off track so they can quickly react. 

The risk score is calculated by analysing your data to identify insights throughout the toolchain that indicate potential risks. The impact of each insight is given an impact weighting, and the combined overall weighting is used to determine the risk score (0-100). Critically, this algorithm is constantly updating based on how a team works to keep the insights fresh and meaningful for teams.

2. Get a better understanding of where risks/issues might exist through Plandek Insights

Sprints and Epics tend to go wrong for many of the same reasons, and it’s often because teams distance themselves from executing on the basics. SmartView helps you identify potential problems as they arise by analysing your data to surface actionable insights, giving you the opportunity to respond and keep your progress on track. 

The insights you can monitor in SmartView include identifying where teams are working outside of their Sprint/Epic (called Distractions), where tickets and pull requests are stuck, when work goes into development, but no commits are being made, and where engineering complexity indicators suggest that a team or individual may be struggling or the work is more complex than originally expected.

3. Understand who’s overloaded so you can redistribute work if needed

Teams can often find themselves overly dependent on certain individuals, which can quickly disrupt their overall flow. With SmartView, you can easily spot where there are potential “work in progress” (WIP) issues or too much work piling up for certain team members so it can be redistributed quickly before bottlenecks form. 

4. Track the progress of your tickets through the tools you’ve connected

SmartView not only enables you to track a ticket’s progress, but you will also be able to see all the critical events related to the delivery of the tickets, including pull request events, builds failing, deployment events, and so on. It’s a unique view on the delivery of value that consolidates all the relevant information teams need throughout the toolchain to work effectively.

5. Ultimately, increase the chances of achieving your delivery goals more successfully

High-performing teams have two things in common: they perform the fundamentals well and demonstrate high levels of awareness to quickly identify and remove blockers (achieving a high “flow state”). SmartView provides teams with a consolidated view throughout the toolchain to help increase their awareness of the fundamentals of good delivery, where issues may exist, so they can quickly react and improve their delivery effectiveness. 

“We are very excited about the launch of the new SmartView. While historical trends are central to any good continuous improvement culture, it is critical to have the ability to spot issues bubbling up in real time with enough time to resolve them before they impact milestones. SmartView not only helps our clients get better at managing the basics with Sprints and Epics, but it shows them where the fires are that they need to put out quickly.” Will Lytle, COO, Plandek

For more information about the enhanced SmartView, please visit our click here to learn more. You can also sign up for a free account to try out the new feature or book a demo with our team.

About Plandek

Plandek is an intelligent analytics and performance platform to help software delivery teams deliver valuable software faster and more predictably. 

Plandek enables technology teams to track and drive their improvement and share understandable KPIs with stakeholders interested in accelerating value creation/ improving delivery efficiency. 

Plandek works by mining data from delivery teams’ toolsets (such as issue tracking, code repos and CI/CD tools) to provide actionable and intelligent insight across the end-to-end software delivery process. 

Plandek is recognised as a top global vendor in the DevOps Value Stream Management space by Gartner and Forrester and is used by private and public organisations globally to optimise their technology delivery and accelerate R&D ROI.

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