Plandek LiveView

Team-level intelligent analytics track risk and identify anomalies in real-time that are potential blockers which require actions

Plandek LiveView

LiveView enhances Plandek’s end-to-end delivery metrics platform by providing teams with a live feed identifying bottlenecks and ‘action items’ within a Sprint or Epic as they occur.

 ‘Action items’ point teams to the tickets that are outside expected parameters, including:

  1. Ticket stalling: when tickets appear to stall at any point throughout the delivery process or exceed standard cycle times and require immediate action by the team.
  2. Development complexity: commit size/count, files changed, and other parameters exceed the norm for tickets of similar size and complexity.
  3. Pull request anomalies: when pull requests stall or indicate a higher than normal level of activity, suggesting a team is struggling to merge. Build event anomalies: when the builds containing the related tickets fail or succeed.
  4. Deployment anomalies: when tickets are deployed or if the deployment fails and requires action.

How LiveView can change the way teams deliver

Understand the health of your Sprint/Epic through our new Risk Score

LiveView evaluates various behaviours that have a material impact on a team’s ability to meet their delivery goals successfully and provides early indicators when they get off track so they can quickly react.

LiveView - New Risk Score
LiveView - Plandek Insights

Get a better understanding of where risks/issues might exist through Plandek Insights

LiveView helps you identify potential problems as they arise by analysing your data to surface actionable insights, giving you the opportunity to respond and keep your progress on track.

Understand who's overloaded so you can redistribute work if needed

With LiveView, you can easily spot where there are potential “work in progress” (WIP) issues or too much work piling up for certain team members so it can be redistributed quickly before bottlenecks form.

LiveView - Sprints Activity
LiveView - Ticket Progress

Track the progress of your tickets through the tools you've connected

LiveView not only enables you to track a ticket’s progress, but you will also be able to see all the critical events related to the delivery of the tickets, including pull request events, builds failing, deployment events, and so on.

"LiveView not only helps our customers get better at managing the basics with Sprints and Epics, but it shows them where the fires are that they need to put out quickly."
Will Lytle, COO, Plandek
Will Lytle
COO, Plandek

LiveView for Sprints tutorial

LiveView for Epics tutorial

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