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Plandek for

Engineering Managers


Develop your engineering team’s capabilities

Plandek’s customisable dashboards provide a ‘balanced scorecard’ of metrics to help you quickly identify coaching opportunities to provide engineers with the support they need.   

See critical metrics such as Commit Frequency, Pull Request Times, Commits without a Pull Request or Ticket Reference, and many more.

And help teams think about value delivery holistically rather than simply as a siloed function within a delivery process.



Continuously improve the delivery process

Use Plandek to spot and remove bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your end-to-end delivery process (using metrics such as Cycle Time, Flow Efficiency and First Time Pass Rate).  

Continuously improve your DevOps performance with critical DevOps metrics and powerful drill-down to analyse Deployment Frequency, Lead Time, Flakey Files, Failed Builds and more.

And ensure healthy engineering practices. 

Use Plandek to answer critical questions such as are PRs being reviewed reliably? Do you have complete traceability within all processes?

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