DORA Metrics

Plandek predictive analytics provide actionable insight not available from generic BI tools

Plandek predictive analytics provide actionable insight not available from generic BI tools

The four DORA metrics were conceived by Google’s DevOps Research and Assessments team. They are the outcome of several years of research into software engineering team effectiveness.

The DORA metrics are the four key DevOps metrics that teams can measure to provide a balanced view of their Agile delivery performance. 

What are the 4 DORA metrics?

The frequency at which new releases deploy to production.

The percentage of deployments causing a failure in production.

The time between commit to production.

How long it takes an organization to recover from a failure in production.

What are the 4 DORA metrics?
Create a customised DORA metrics dashboard in Plandek

Create a customised DORA dashboard in Plandek

Plandek integrates across your DevOps toolchain and enables you to surface a wide range of engineering, delivery and DevOps metrics, including theDORA metrics (and the Flow Metrics).

Plandek enables you to create metrics dashboards configured to reflect your delivery organisation – so you can view DORA metrics company-wide; by tribe, Release Train, programme, Team etc.

And you can customise your own dashboard to include the DORA metrics, or choose a pre-configured selection.

Plandek enables you to leverage the power of the DORA metrics

In order for the DORA metrics to be of real benefit, you need to be able to view the DORA metrics themselves and the related second-order metrics and drill-downs necessary to drive their improvement.

Plandek is Unique:

Track and operationalise DORA or Flow metrics

Plandek surfaces the second-order DevOps metrics needed to drive improvements

Our experience within delivery teams at clients globally suggests that the second-order metrics presented in the graphic below are very helpful when looking to successfully implement the DORA metrics.

Plandek surfaces all these metrics and thereby underpins your continuous improvement effort, led from the team-level upwards.

DORA metrics and related ‘second-order’ DevOps, engineering and Agile delivery metrics

DORA metrics

Second Order (Determinant) Metrics

Cycle time flow efficiency mean time to merge PRs developer to pipeline ratio
Mean time to merge PRs oper PR Age Flakiest file analysis Escaped Defects (e.g. P1,P2)
Incident Resolution Time Incident Cluster Analysis

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