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Plandek for

DevOps Managers

“It is relatively easy to surface metrics showing your DevOps performance – it is much harder to reveal the metrics that drive that performance. It is here that the value lies.”


Plandek gives DevOps managers a level of insight not possible with existing data analytics solutions.

Plandek not only integrates with CI/CD tools, but also integrates with workflow management tools and code repos, so it can answer critical DevOps questions that require a joined-up view of the end-to-end software delivery process.

Track DORA metrics with Plandek                                

The DevOps Research and Assessment (Dora) metrics popularised in Forsgren, Humble and Kim’s popular book “Accelerate” are a useful start-point for tracking DevOps performance, though the metrics do little to reveal the underlying causes of the observed performance.

Plandek surfaces Dora metrics in a flexible way – showing change over time and allowing them to be viewed by delivery goal, programme or project.


Reveal the underlying causes of your DevOps performance with Plandek

Plandek’s end-to-end view – integrating data from workflow management tools, code repos and CI/CD tools (like Jenkins, Circle CI, GoCD, TeamCity and Azure DevOps) – enables it to reveal the root cause of DevOps performance.

So you can see:

  • The underlying causes of deployment failures
  • The bottlenecks slowing down integration and deployment frequency
  • Areas within the code base that cause the most deployment failures/issues

Underpin your DevSecOps processes

A key component of DevSecOps is better understanding “the provenance” of your code, so that vulnerabilities can be identified and traced back to the teams responsible.

Plandek links deployments back to the workflow management (e.g. Jira) tickets of which they consist. As such, it reveals the contents of each deployment and the teams responsible for the code creation. These data underpin a core governance principle of improved DevSecOps.



Build your DevSecOps capability with Plandek.

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