Case Study - Preqin

Scaling up a new in-house delivery capability

The challenge

Preqin, a major data services provider in the Financial Services industry, were at a crossroads: do they continue to work with delivery partners to supplement their engineering capability or invest in building their own?

Having used Plandek to do an initial assessment of the value their delivery partners were providing, Preqin elected to build their own delivery capability and faced the challenge of quickly scaling up new processes and teams located in different locations throughout the world.

The scope

As Preqin grew from only a handful of developers in the UK to an in-house professional delivery capability, they used Plandek to ensure recruits were settling in, processes were scaling, and teams were effectively able to deliver to clients.

As a growing delivery team, Preqin focused on speed to market, process compliance and efficiency, and Sprint effectiveness.

Plandek provided the Board, the technology leadership team, and the individual teams with a clear picture of how well they are scaling, balancing the challenges of embedding new people and processes whilst continuing to deliver their business’s priorities.

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The outcome graph

The outcome

Preqin has successfully built (and continues to build) a strong delivery organisation that stretches three continents. Through Plandek, they monitor each team’s journey from day 0, providing support and guidance where needed.

Over the course of building this new organisation, Preqin has:

  • Reduced Speeding Tickets by 64% (process compliance)
  • Improved their First Time Pass Rate by 12% (team collaboration and efficiency)
  • Tripled their commit frequency (best practice)
  • Reduced their Time to Resolve a Pull Request by 18% (team collaboration and efficiency)
  • All whilst maintaining a very strong Cycle Time (speed to market)


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