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Plandek Enterprise has over 50+ metrics in our OTB dashboards (including DORA PRO & Flow). Build your own with custom metrics and dashboards using third-party data for unlimited insights. Explore Pricing & Plans

Helping teams to deliver software better today

High-performing Scrum and Kanban teams use Plandek every single day to identify and mitigate blockers, forecast better and ship features faster​.

Build a world-class Agile delivery capability over time

Leadership and managers rely on Plandek to create an environment of metrics-led continuous improvement (CI) across teams over time, to build a world-class delivery capability​.

Transform your software delivery productivity within six months​ with Plandek Enterprise

Time to Value

Deployment Frequency

Escaped Defects

Sprint Accuracy

Flow Efficiency

Intelligent AI-powered insights for every level of the organization

Plandek is an AI-driven, intelligent analytics and productivity improvement platform for software delivery teams. SmartDelivery Enterprise provides the complete Plandek toolset for all levels, from team-level through to strategic leadership and stakeholders. 

Trusted by innovative CTOs & engineering leaders globally

Plandek is a top global vendor in Gartner's "Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms" guide

In Gartner’s 2024 Market Guide, it forecasts a ten-fold increase in the adoption of of Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms like Plandek within the next 3 years, as organisations look to track and drive delivery improvement. ​

Plandek Enterprise is driving this trend as innovative and high-performing delivery teams globally choose Plandek as their go-to platform.   

Plandek is also a top rated vendor on G2 with 4.5 stars from users and recognised by Gartner and Forrester as a leading “Value Stream Management” platform. 

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Our expert Customer Success team will help your organization adopt and take full advantage of Plandek Enterprise features from the start

Expert guidance from our Customer Success team to support throughout

Our clients often tell us that a key Plandek differentiator is the quality of our Customer Success support (don’t just take our word for it – take a look at our reviews).  Our domain experts are on hand to help our clients drive rapid improvement from Plandek.

Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)

Help to define your goals and set benchmarks

We’ll provide you with strategic support to define ‘what good looks like in DevOps’ and help you select key ‘North Star’ metrics, around which to align and drive improvements.

We'll help build custom dashboards & configure key metrics

Our Customer Success team are on hand to help build custom dashboards and configure metrics to reflect your context, workflows, systems architecture and objectives​. 

Plandek - Custom Time Series API

Change-management support to embed an analytics and metrics-led delivery culture in your organization

Change is never easy, and adopting a new tool can be a challenge for some. Our knowledgable team can help with change-management support to ensure your teams embed an analytics and metrics-led delivery culture, to drive real and sustained productivity improvement.

Need more support? Choose the Plandek Premium Support package​

If you’re looking for more support or consultation, our Premium Support Package is available to all Plandek Enterprise customers. You’ll have access to regular reviews and benchmarking, workshops and training with our dedicated team of domain experts, and more.


Discover how world-class Agile teams use Plandek insights

Accelerate roadmap delivery with the complete intelligent analytics platform

Enterprise-level intelligent analytics to accelerate your roadmap delivery & improve delivery capability. Including over 50+ metrics, OTB dashboards & custom configurations to build the insights you need.

Free technical POC available for Enterprise features.