Launch of new Plandek SmartDelivery: your ‘Virtual Scrum Master’ to hit Sprint and Epic goals

Reaching your sprint and epic goals just got that bit easier with the launch of Plandek SmartDelivery – a virtual Scrum Master, for as little as £49.99 per month.

Today marks an exciting new chapter in Plandek’s journey, as we launch our brand new product, Plandek SmartDelivery. Working like a Virtual Scrum Master, SmartDelivery’s AI examines teams’ ticket history to identify anomalies and present ‘Action items’ that are potential blockers, including:

  • Ticket stalling: when tickets appear to stall at any point throughout the delivery process or exceed standard Cycle Times and require immediate action by the team 
  • Resource focus: identify carried over work; added work; and distractions outside the sprint/epic  
  • Development complexity: commit size/count, files changed and other parameters exceed the norm for tickets of similar size and complexity 
  • Pull request anomalies: when pull requests stall or indicate a higher than normal level of activity, suggesting a team is struggling to merge 
  • Build event anomalies: when the builds containing the related tickets fail or succeed 
  • Deployment anomalies: when tickets are deployed, or if the deployment failed and requires action. 

Plandek SmartDelivery gives users a real-time view across the end-to-end delivery process, combining data from Jira, code repos and CI/CD tools, to enable engineering teams to identify and remediate blockers across the entire SDLC.

As a result, SmartDelivery’s algorithms will spot risks and blockers that are often missed by busy teams, making the delivery of sprint and epic goals that bit easier. 

Plandek SmartDelivery is ideal for engineering teams of all sizes and prices start from just £49.99 per month for connection to one Jira Board, with unlimited repos. This includes: 

  • Data history and retention for up to 60 days 
  • Data connections to JIRA, GitLab, Github and Bitbucket 
  • Super-easy set-up with your own data connections, for immediate access to insights  


charlie ponsonby ceo plandekCharlie Ponsonby, CEO of Plandek:

“Plandek SmartDelivery is an intelligent ‘Virtual Scrum Master’ for hard-working teams – to help them deliver sprints and epics faster and more predictably.”   

Charlie continues: “Plandek SmartDelivery’s algorithms identify hidden blockers across the entire SDLC that often get missed in stand-ups, making the delivery of sprint and epic goals that bit easier.” 

Our new SmartDelivery plan enables teams of all sizes to benefit from Plandek’s intelligent engineering insights. No matter what size your team, what level of the organization and your budgets are available, Plandek has options available to suit you – and we’ll have more exciting product releases to come throughout this year. Stay tuned!


Try Plandek SmartDelivery free today

Plandek now has two plans available to choose from:

  • Plandek SmartDelivery is suited to delivery teams of all sizes, looking to focus on sprint and epic delivery efficiency. Try free for 30-days with our SmartDelivery trial – no payment details required, easy to set up.
  • Plandek Enterprise is suitable for large complex delivery organisations looking for the full library of 50+ software engineering metrics available, OTB dashboards for all levels of the organization and custom configurations. Free technical POC available – contact our team for a demo!



About Plandek 

Plandek is an intelligent analytics and performance improvement platform to help software delivery teams deliver valuable software, faster and more predictably. 

Plandek works by mining data from delivery teams’ toolsets (such as issue tracking, code repos and CI/CD tools), to provide actionable and intelligent insight across the end-to-end software delivery process.  

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