New Launch – Jira Dashboard & Analytics

New Launch – Jira Dashboard & Analytics

Plandek, the fast-growing data analytics provider for the end-to-end software delivery process today announces the launch of Plandek Teams and Plandek Teams Starter – to bring Plandek’s powerful enterprise-level analytics to smaller delivery teams for the first time.

2021 will be the year that DevOps Value Stream Management (VSM) goes mainstream – with organisations large and small recognising the need to more effectively manage the end-to-end software delivery process, to deliver quality software faster and more predictably.

As a global leader in end-to-end software delivery metrics and analytics, Gartner recently recognised Plandek as a top nine global vendor in the fast-moving Value Stream Management (VSM) space – as they deem end-to-end analytics a critical element of effective VSM.

To date, Plandek’s powerful analytics have only been available to enterprise customers.  Now, with the launch of Plandek Teams and Plandek Teams Starter, the power of Plandek is available for smaller software delivery teams for the first time:

  • Surface critical Agile delivery, engineering and DevOps metrics in customisable Jira dashboards with powerful drill-down and trend analysis.
  • Super-easy online sign-up to create your own customisable Jira dashboards.
  • Plandek Teams Starter is free for 1 Jira Board with Plandek Teams starting from $99 per month for larger deployments (up to a maximum of 4 Jira Boards and 10 code repos).
  • Integrates with Jira, code repos and CI/CD tools like Jenkins to synthesise data critical to understanding your end-to-end delivery effectiveness.

Plandek Teams is perfect for organisations with small-scale delivery teams to:

  • shorten time to market and increase the velocity of software delivery;
  • deliver software more predictably (to avoid costly go-live delays);
  • drive the quality of the software delivery process and the software delivered;
  • embed a culture of continuous improvement around a meaningful set of metrics, in order to drive improved efficiency and team health over time.

Dan Lee, Co-CEO of Plandek comments: “We are delighted to launch Plandek Teams, which brings the power of Plandek’s enterprise-level end-to-end delivery analytics to smaller clients for the first time.  It’s super-easy to get started, has great value and has the power to help you transform software delivery outcomes.”

Charlie Ponsonby, Co-CEO of Plandek adds: “Plandek Teams offers the world’s most powerful Jira dashboard, so all organisations can apply enterprise-level data analytics – to reduce time to value and greatly improve delivery quality and predictability.”


About Plandek

Plandek works by mining data from toolsets used by delivery teams (such as Jira, Git, CI/CD tools and Slack), to provide end-to-end delivery metrics/analytics to optimise software delivery predictability, risk management and process improvement.

Plandek is a global leader in this fast-growing field, recognised by Gartner as a top nine global vendor in their DevOps Value Stream Management Market Guide (published in Sept 2020).

Plandek is based in London and works with clients globally to apply data analytics to deliver software more effectively.

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