New feature: Plandek LiveView

Plandek LiveView

Plandek, the globally recognised Value Stream Management analytics platform, launches LiveView to help teams optimise sprint performance.

The Plandek LiveView feature enhances Plandek’s end-to-end delivery metrics platform by providing teams with a live feed identifying bottlenecks and ‘action items’ within a sprint as they occur

Plandek has announced the launch of its new LiveView feature, which for the first time gives teams a live view across the end-to-end delivery process (from ideation to deployment to live). Plandek LiveView combines data from Jira, code repos and CI/CD tools, to give engineering teams a live feed of potential sprint blockers and suggest ‘action items’ that teams can review to proactively ensure sprint success.

The Plandek LiveView feed provides a live diagnostic of each ticket within the sprint, identifying anomalies that merit investigation and action. ‘Action items’ point teams to the tickets that are outside the expected parameters. The parameters considered include:

  • Ticket stalling: when tickets appear to stall at any point throughout the delivery process or exceed standard cycle times and require immediate action by the team
  • Development complexity: commit size/count, files changed and other parameters exceed the norm for tickets of similar size and complexity
  • Pull request anomalies: when pull requests stall or indicate a higher-than-normal level of activity, suggesting a team is struggling to merge
  • Build event anomalies: when the builds containing the related tickets fail or succeed
  • Deployment anomalies: when tickets are deployed, or if the deployment failed and requires action.


Example of a ticket in Plandek LiveView:

Plandek LiveView

Plandek LiveView can be used during team stand-ups – to spot potential issues for risk mitigation and to enable more collaboration – and during the sprint, to identify and address potential bottlenecks/issues.

Will Lytle, Plandek’s Chief Operating Officer, comments:

“Plandek LiveView is a world first – combining data from issue management tools, code repos and CI/CD tools to proactively identify potential risks at ticket level within a sprint before they materialise, greatly increasing teams’ ability to meet the sprint goals.”


About Plandek
Plandek ( was co-founded in the UK in 2017 by Dan Lee (founder of Globrix) and Charlie Ponsonby (founder of Simplifydigital).

Plandek is an analytics platform to help software delivery teams deliver valuable software, faster and more predictably – across and within value streams.

Plandek works by mining data from delivery teams’ toolsets (such as issue tracking, code repos and CI/CD tools), to provide actionable and intelligent insight across the end-to-end software delivery process.

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