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Plandek SmartDelivery: AI-powered delivery insights for teams

Get Plandek SmartDelivery for real-time insights to deliver sprints & epics faster & more predictably. Powered by AI to help mitigate risks and blockers.

Who is it for? Engineering teams: developers, team leads, delivery managers, scrum masters. Suitable for any sized business.

Plandek Enterprise: the complete engineering analytics platform

Enterprise-level intelligent analytics to accelerate your roadmap delivery, improve your delivery capability & communicate better with stakeholders.

Who is it for? All levels of the engineering organization, from teams to leadership. Suitable for mid-large sized enterprises.

Top-rated for software development analytics on G2

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Perfect for all levels in mid to large-sized enterprises to gain powerful software delivery insights from across the SDLC and the wider business.

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Try Plandek SmartDelivery: our virtual Scrum Master to help teams deliver better today

Perfect for engineering teams in any sized enterprise to mitigate delivery risks using AI-powered insights. Say hello to your new team member!