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Title: Lost in translation: communicating delivery metrics to the wider business

Speaker: George Nikolaropoulos, SVP of Engineering, GWI

Recent debates, spurred by the McKinsey report “Yes, you can measure software developer productivity”, have centred on the effective use of metrics within engineering to report to the C-Suite level. A broader question surfaces of how to ensure what is measured is valid and useful in achieving its intended purpose.

As GWI have become more diligent about metrics, their approach to measurement and reporting has evolved to help tackle this question. Join George Nikolaropoulos, GWI’s SVP of Engineering, to discover how they adapted their metrics to suit their engineering teams, VPs, and C-Suite to stimulate the conversations driving continuous improvement at multiple levels of their organisation.

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George Nikolaropoulos - GWI - Plandek Client Webinar Series

George Nikolaropoulos | SVP of Engineering | GWI

Currently the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GWI, George is an accomplished architect and team leader who inspires innovation and drives success and growth. His experience spans banking, insurance, maritime, and marketing research industries, but his current focus is growing and leading engineering teams, product development, tech strategy, and artificial intelligence – with a passion for creating products that make customers’ jobs easier and more enjoyable.

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