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Plandek for

Technology Leadership

“The improved visibility that Plandek provides helps us reduce delivery risk – it provides a new level of actionable insight to help teams become more effective over time.”




Meaningful data to understand and track your Agile transformation

Agile decentralises delivery responsibility to individual teams – but accountability for delivery remains with technology leadership.

Effective Agile Governance is critical, to maintain complete visibility of the end-to-end delivery process across all workstreams – whilst giving teams the freedom to work in a self-determining way.

Whatever the stage in your Agile journey and complexity of your Agile environment, Plandek provides the largest library of end-to-end delivery metrics to underpin intelligent Agile Governance.


Reduce your delivery risk through better Agile governance and risk management

  1. Reduce delivery risk and greatly improve forecasting accuracy with Plandek’s analytics.
  2. Track improvement in your teams’ capability to clearly demonstrate the success of your Agile transformation to your stakeholders.
  3. Drive continuous improvement based on Agile metrics that you can track over time.
  4. Build custom dashboards to answer your key questions.
  5. Drill-down to see the root cause of issues
  6. Report meaningfully to C-Suite stakeholders.

The net result is self-improving,
highly motivated, happier teams
and better delivery outcomes.