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Plandek for

Delivery Team Leads

“At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly.”



Set your own self-improvement goals using the metrics that suit you

Teams are often so focused on delivering to the ever-increasing expectations of the business – that there is little time to consider this important Agile principle of self-improvement.

The team-level Plandek dashboards surface the code, behavioural and delivery metrics that teams need to focus
on, in order to become more effective over time.

Teams can quickly build a customised Plandek dashboard to show a simple set of metrics that suit them – so that they can set their own self-improvement goals.

Transform your ceremonies with data-led insights

  1. Transform retrospectives with quant insight from your own balanced scorecard of trusted Agile, delivery, engineering and talent metrics
  2. Capture your team’s feedback in real time at all points in the workflow
  3. Agree and focus on the metrics that matter to you, with no time wasted building reports
  4. Reduce Cycle Times by removing friction from the underlying delivery process
  5. Improve your team’s predictability by improving sprint accuracy.


Leverage the power of Slack – analyse and respond to your team’s quant feedback in real-time

Software delivery is a people process and critical insights will inevitably reside in the heads of team members! Often the temptation is to listen to the loudest voice.  In contrast, Plandek uses collaboration hubs like Slack and Microsoft Teams to quietly poll individuals in real time, to collate representative quant insight for use in your ceremonies.  You can choose your question set and choose at what point in the process to ask a particular question, so that team members constantly provide insight on the process itself; how the team is feeling; and how effectively the team is working together.



The net result is self-improving, highly motivated, happier teams and better delivery outcomes.