The Plandek product

Plandek is a complete Agile and delivery metrics BI platform, providing an end-to-end view of your software delivery cycle. Plandek’s customisable dashboards provide meaningful metrics to all levels within the delivery team to:

  1. deliver quality software earlier, more predictably and more frequently
  2. improve governance, reduce delivery risk and increase delivery efficiency
  3. ensure your engineers are motivated and their feedback is acted upon.

Why is Plandek different?

At Plandek we believe that the answers lie in the underlying data. Plandek provides new insight across your end-to-end delivery process – no matter how complex your delivery environment:

  • Plandek surfaces data from the toolsets used across the delivery cycle – and vital feedback from engineers themselves – for the complete picture
  • Plandek offers the largest library of end-to-end delivery metrics available anywhere
  • Plandek is highly flexible – users can customise their dashboards and metric sets – or adopt Plandek’s proven metric set.

See what Plandek can do for you

Plandek technology

Plandek predictive analytics provides actionable insight not available from generic BI tools

Interpreting the data history mined from the toolsets used across the delivery process presents a significant challenge.

Plandek’s flexible design enables collection and analysis of data from multiple system instances and workflows, hundreds of projects, and thousands of participants.

Plandek’s predictive analytics capability performs multiple calculations daily on the cleaned data, to provide a new level of actionable insight (down to team and individual level) – to drive improvement and forecasting accuracy.

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Complete integration with your toolset

Whether you have several JIRA instances, hundreds of projects and teams, or thousands of engineers – get a complete view across your whole organisation and programmes. The data across all these systems isn’t organised for traditional BI solutions, let Plandek handle the complexity.

Code repositories


Azure DevOps



CI/CD tools



Azure DevOps





Time tracking



Code quality




Out-of-the-box and customised solutions, both in the cloud and on-premises

Plandek offers a number of different deployment solutions for clients depending on your unique needs.

Pure SaaS

Plandek customisable dashboards

Hosted in Google Cloud


Various UI options to client’s bespoke requirements

Hosted on client servers / cloud

Enterprise deployments only

On-premise data gatherer

Plandek customisable dashboards

Kubernetes based on-premise data gatherer to sanitise all data before export to the cloud

Enterprise deployments only

Back-end integrated with client UI layer

Access to Plandek API to integrate with client’s front-end solutions

Various hosting options

Enterprise deployments only

Intelligent, secure and easy to set up

Plandek’s secure SaaS solution is soft touch from a client perspective. Hosted on Google cloud, we can deploy locally for larger enterprise customers and no integration effort is required from the client.

Data security is our key priority throughout. We recognise the great responsibility of processing our trusted clients’ data off premises and take a number of steps to ensure utmost security for your data.

Try Plandek for free

Try Plandek for free