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Platform Overview

Plandek is an Agile delivery, Value Stream and engineering metrics platform suitable for enterprise clients. Plandek’s customisable dashboards, alerts and analytics provide intelligent insight to all levels within the delivery team to:

  • Empower teams to deliver valuable software faster, more predictably and more frequently
  • Reduce delivery and infosec risk and improve governance at scale
  • Put value stream metrics and analytics at the heart of your Value Stream Management initiatives

Value stream metrics to earn the trust of teams and managers

In our experience, effective Value Stream Management requires the engagement and trust of both teams and managers.

As such, Plandek is built around the complex data needs of everyone in software delivery – from Team Lead to CTO.

Complete flexibility of data hierarchy

Plandek enables you to build a reporting hierarchy around your organisation – tribes, business units, Release Trains, squads, etc.  And you can use the language (definitions, categories, terms) that are meaningful to your organisation including Scaled Agile.

Plandek’s world-leading metrics coverage just got even better

We keep adding pipeline, engineering, and service monitoring metrics for the complete end-to-end SDLC view.

Total data transparency and flexibility

A key drawback of many software development analytics solutions is that it is not possible to see the ‘provenance’ of each metric, so new users can rapidly lose trust in the data if metrics look unfamiliar.  With Plandek you can view the data sources used in each metric. 

Filter functionality

Enables visibility of issue types and statuses and ‘Calculations’ enables views of how metrics are calculated.

Configurable metrics

Plandek gives you the ability to define critical metrics in the way you want – e.g. Define your own ‘Cycle Time’ metrics based on the statuses that you wish to include.   This is a key attraction in organisation with highly varied work streams.

Powerful drill-down

Drill-down is critical to turn ‘insight’ into ‘actionable insight’ so users can quickly see the root-cause of issues and mitigate effectively.  All data points in Plandek are clickable and the powerful new Filtering functionality enables you to interrogate data by issue type, labels and custom fields.

Reporting and data export capability

The ability to rapidly share live insights is critical.  Plandek enables you to share links to ‘Favourite’ views and dashboards and export data in CSV files.

LiveView – a real-time feed to optimise your sprints

LiveView enhances Plandek’s end-to-end delivery metrics platform by providing teams with a live feed identifying bottlenecks and ‘action items’ within a sprint as they occur.

The Plandek LiveView feed provides a live diagnostic of each ticket within the sprint, using machine learning to identify anomalies that merit investigation and action. ‘Action items’ point teams to the tickets that are outside expected parameters, including:

  1. Ticket stalling: when tickets appear to stall at any point throughout the delivery process or exceed standard cycle times and require immediate action by the team.
  2. Development complexity: commit size/count, files changed and other parameters exceed the norm for tickets of similar size and complexity.
  3. Pull request anomalies: when pull requests stall or indicate a higher than normal level of activity, suggesting a team is struggling to merge.
  4. Build event anomalies: when the builds containing the related tickets fail or succeed.
  5. Deployment anomalies: when tickets are deployed, or if the deployment failed and requires action.

Value Stream metrics and analytics tools to Xcelerate your value delivery​

  • ​Unlock the power of the data sitting within your DevOps toolsets (from ideation to deployment)
  • Use our out-of-the-box Xcelerator dashboards or create your own

Plandek Graphic

Easy integration with your DevOps toolsets

Whether you have several JIRA instances, hundreds of projects and teams, or thousands of engineers – get a complete view across your whole organisation and programmes. The data across all these systems aren’t organised for traditional BI solutions, let Plandek handle the complexity.

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New Relic

Intelligent, secure and easy to set up

Plandek’s secure SaaS solution is ‘soft touch’ from a client perspective. Hosted on Google Cloud, we can deploy locally for larger enterprise customers and no integration effort is required from the client.

Data security is our key priority throughout. We recognise the great responsibility of processing our trusted clients’ data off premises and take a number of steps to ensure utmost security for your data.

Learn more about information security