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Plandek is recognised as a top Global Vendor by Gartner in their DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms Market Guide and Forrester in the Value Stream Management Landscape Report.

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How Plandek works

Plandek enables data-led delivery from end-to-end
Plandek empowers your delivery capability at every level…
Kick start a virtuous circle of continuous improvement

Plandek enables data-led delivery from end-to-end

Plandek empowers your delivery capability at every level...

Set your North Star metrics around which to improve
Empower managers with custom dashboards to hit their delivery goals and improve over time
Empower teams with intelligent analytics to identify blockers and hit goals

Kick start a virtuous circle of continuous improvement


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On-time delivery

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Plandek for

Technology Leadership

Ensure resources and costs align with roadmap priorities

Strategic Alignment dashboards reveal where resource and cost are expended and ensure that it aligns with strategic priorities.

Technology Leadership

Set your ‘North Star’ metrics to accelerate value delivery and improve ROI

‘North Star’ dashboards enable tech leadership to define, track and drive ‘what good looks like’ and share understandable KPIs internally and with key stakeholders.

Use DORA, Flow metrics or select your own to integrate with your OKR process.

Delivery & Product Managers

Identify hidden delivery risk, increase velocity and hit delivery goals

Custom manager and Epic dashboards help product owners, engineers and delivery managers deliver features and PIs on time and share success across teams.

Delivery & Product Managers

Scrum Masters & Team Leaders

Empower teams to increase velocity and hit their sprint goals

Team-level custom dashboards and LiveView intelligent analytics to identify blockers, accelerate velocity and hit sprint goals.

Scrum Masters & Team Leaders

Enhanced LiveView for Sprints and Epics dashboard

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Benchmark your performance with the leading Value Stream Management tool

When integrated across your DevOps toolset, Plandek provides an instant end-to-end view of your value streams.

As such it provides a complete view to track and improve your value stream management (VSM) and accelerate value delivery:

Why users love Plandek

The Plandek difference - the complete analytics and performance improvement platform that unlocks your teams' true capability

Most insightful end-to-end delivery and engineering metrics set

‘Loved by teams and relied on by managers’

Expert CS support to embed Plandek and accelerate your value delivery

Highly flexible, stack agnostic, analytics-only solution

Securely architected for scale and complexity

LiveView intelligent analytics

Super-easy, cost-free setup

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