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Deployment Frequency

Escaped Defects

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Deployment Frequency

Deployment Frequency tracks the frequency with which increments of code are deployed to staging, testing and production.

Plandek mines data from the many stages of code deployment and delivers accessible visual reports straight to your customisable DORA dashboard.

Mean time to restore

Mean Time to Restore measures the time it takes to restore service after a failure in production.

As an incident-based metric, Mean Time to Restore is an important tool that should make up a larger incident management system. Plandek supports the implementation of this metric – and these systems – by enabling users to customise the identified stages of incident management.

Lead Time for Changes

Lead Time for Changes tracks the time code takes to go from committed to successfully running in production.

This metric is often lumped together with Cycle Time. Plandek, however, isolates it as an essential piece of information that gives organisations the depth and visibility they need regarding the intersection of Time to Merge and Time to Deploy.

Change Failure Rate

Using Plandek’s real-time insights and predictive analytics, leaders can identify and isolate potential paint points in the software delivery life cycle. This way, Plandek enables teams to learn from their retrospectives and avoid production losses in the future.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Software Delivery Metrics

This in-depth guide is a practical resource that will help you: select the metrics that you want to track (relevant to your use case); identify the tools you need to collect the data; set targets and embed the metrics across your organisation; and drive real behaviour change in order to improve your delivery effectiveness.

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