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Introducing our new essential plan for engineers: Plandek SmartDelivery. Featuring AI-powered dashboards to help hit your sprint goals, highlight anomalies across the SDLC and reduce delivery risks. 

SmartDelivery is suitable for agile engineering teams of all sizes to deliver software more predictably, and improve performance with predictive insights. 

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Radically improve your Scrum metrics and overall sprint delivery

Sprint Completion

Sprint Velocity

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On Time Epic Delivery

Never miss a blocker again. SmartDelivery helps spot issues and potential risks to delivery, so you don't have to.

Assess the health of your Sprint or Epic through your risk score

SmartView evaluates various behaviours that have a material impact on a team’s ability to meet their delivery goals successfully and provides early indicators when they get off track so they can quickly react.

Identify where risks or issues might exist, so you can react fast

SmartView helps you identify potential problems as they arise by analysing your data to surface actionable insights, giving you the opportunity to respond and keep your progress on track.

Track the progress of your tickets through the tools you've connected

SmartView not only enables you to track a ticket’s progress, but you will also be able to see all the critical events related to the delivery of the tickets, including pull request events, builds failing, deployment events, and so on.

Manage team resources better. Avoid overload and reallocate WIP

Make sure your team members aren’t overloaded. Using SmartView, you can easily spot where there are potential “work in progress” (WIP) issues or too much work piling up for certain team members, so it can be redistributed quickly before bottlenecks form. 

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Free download: Key metrics to track & improve sprint delivery guide

Download our FREE guide on the key Scrum metrics to track and improve sprint delivery. This guide provides metrics and approaches for Sprint practitioners at various levels, offering basic Sprint delivery metrics, integrated Sprint Velocity analytics for experienced teams, and advanced real-time intelligent analytics for all capability levels.

Plandek Academy - Guide - Key metrics to track and improve Sprint delivery

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