Plandek recognised by Gartner as a global top 10 vendor

Plandek recognised by Gartner

Plandek’s global leadership in end-to-end software delivery analytics has been recognised by Gartner, as one of nine global vendors in the DevOps Value Stream Management space

With the September 29th 2020 publication of their DevOps Value Steam Management Platforms Market Guide, Gartner has followed Forrester in evolving how they view the market for software delivery tools. Both now believe that the market can most usefully be considered in two parts:

  • Value Stream Delivery – the core tools used across the end-to-end delivery cycle to deliver valuable software
  • Value Stream Management – the tools that sit on top of the core toolsets, to better manage/orchestrate/analyse the delivery process.

As mentioned in the report, DevOps Value Stream Management is becoming critical for organisations that want to improve their flow of value:

“Organizations lack end-to-end visibility into product delivery and struggle to improve their flow of value. I&O leaders, together with application leaders, must implement a DevOps value stream management platform and analyze value stream metrics to optimize the overall health of product delivery.” (Gartner, 2020)

This is in keeping with Plandek’s view of the market and Plandek is delighted to confirm that it is featured in the Market Guide’s list of nine representative vendors globally (including IBM, CloudBees and ServiceNow) – that Gartner views as key in this newly defined Value Stream Management market (please see Table 1 for more details on the featured vendors).

Vendor Platform
CloudBees Software Delivery Management
ConnectALL Value Stream Management Solution Value Stream Platform
IBM UrbanCode Velocity
Kovair Software Kovair DevOps
Plandek Plandek Platform
Plutora Plutora Platform
ServiceNow DevOps
Tasktop Tasktop Viz

Some of the key findings and recommendations of the report are listed below, courtesy of Gartner (2020).

Key Findings

  • As organizations expand the usage of agile and DevOps, teams find it challenging to detect constraints to product delivery, hindering their ability to improve velocity, increase quality and optimize value.
  • Current DevOps toolchains require manual effort to maintain, integrate with stand-alone tools and orchestrate pipeline workflows. This toil detracts from value-generating activities.
  • DevOps teams that focus only on technical performance metrics and overlook business success metrics will fail to align their priorities with the organization.



    • I&O leaders responsible for DevOps initiatives, in partnership with application leaders, should:
    • Remove impediments in product delivery by investing in a DevOps value stream management platform (VSMP) that provides consolidated insights into the performance, quality and value of products.
    • Minimize manual toil when integrating tools by leveraging the prebuilt integrations and workflow orchestration capabilities of a VSMP.
    • Support business-driven decisions by providing real-time, data-driven metrics and value stream insights. (Gartner, 2020)

    The recognition reflects Plandek’s unique ability to integrate with multiple Value Stream Delivery tools-sets (e.g. Jira, Git, Jenkins, Azure DevOps), to mine the data footprint of software delivery teams, in order to surface meaningful end-to-end delivery metrics used to improve software delivery efficiency, quality, velocity and predictability.

    Charlie Ponsonby, Co-CEO of Plandek comments:

    “We are delighted that Plandek’s unique end-to-end delivery analytics capabilities are recognised alongside heavyweights such as IBM, CloudBees and ServiceNow in this fast-growing new space.”

    Charlie continues:

    “This is an important moment for us as it shows that the market is aligning around the view that end-to-end metrics/analytics are vital to deliver software effectively – and that Plandek is recognised as a global leader in the field.”


    About Plandek

    Plandek was co-founded in 2017 by Dan Lee (founder of Globrix) and Charlie Ponsonby (founder of Simplifydigital).

    Plandek is a global leader in the provision of end-to-end metrics and analytics to reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of software delivery, and is used by customers in the US, Canada and Europe to transform their software delivery governance and risk management.

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