Plandek launches Custom Time Series API


Plandek launches Custom Time Series API 

Plandek has announced the launch of its Custom Time Series API. The API enables Plandek users to ingest time series data from any source within or outside the software delivery process – examples may include security, cost, value, people and customer satisfaction data.

The API enables these new data sources to be used to create new metrics within Plandek and to overlay existing metrics to track data relationships.

The example shown below shows product NPS data (imported via the new Custom Time Series API) overlayed on Deployment Frequency (as empirical studies have shown a correlation between the two).


Example of a Custom Time Series (NPS scores) overlayed on a Deployment Frequency metric
Custom Time Series (NPS Scores) overlayed on Deployment Frequency | Plandek Dashboard

Other examples in the DevFinOps area include the ability to ingest financial data to enable the calculation of accurate R&D cost capitalisation (e.g. for R&D tax credit applications) and to understand the cost and value generated of individual road map items.

Charlie Ponsonby, CEO and co-founder of Plandek, comments:

“Plandek’s vision remains unchanged – to apply data science to the software delivery process, to empower engineering teams through intelligent insights to accelerate value delivery.

The new Custom Time Series API helps deliver that vision as it enables Plandek users at all levels (from team Leads to the CIO) to import data from multiple sources to become truly data-led in their delivery process, thereby accelerating value delivery.”


Example of a DevFinOps Custom Time Series metric (cumulative cost per value stream)
DevFinOps Custom Time Series metric (cumulative cost per value stream) | Plandek Dashboard

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