Plandek integrates CI/CD tools for data expansion

Plandek integrates CI/CD tools for data expansion

Plandek is delighted to confirm that it now provides an integration with CI/CD tools (such as Jenkins, CircleCI, GoCD and TeamCity) to provide yet more insight into its growing customer base.

Plandek now offers the most complete end-to-end view of the software delivery cycle to enable Agile software delivery teams to greatly reduce delivery risk and improve delivery efficiency.

Most organisations apply an Agile methodology to some or all of their software development and there is a growing recognition for the need for improved Agile governance.  Strong Agile governance ensures that the end-to-end Agile development process is transparent, with meaningful metrics to quantify and mitigate delivery risk and ensure optimal efficiency.

The Plandek BI and analytics platform is unique in providing the largest library of delivery, engineering and Agile metrics suitable for all levels within the technology organisation – from the teams themselves to the CIO.

Plandek, the rapidly growing SaaS provider of software delivery metrics and analytics, was co-founded in 2017 by Dan Lee (founder of Globrix) and Charlie Ponsonby (founder of Simplifydigital). It has struck a chord with its unique take on end-to-end software delivery metrics and analytics, accessed in near real-time via the Plandek dashboard.

Plandek is growing very rapidly and works with global organisations such as Reed Elsevier, News Corporation, and Autotrader – as well as a growing portfolio of European technology-led businesses such as Preqin and Secret Escapes.

Dan Lee, Co-CEO of Plandek commented on the new development: “We are delighted to announce Plandek’s integration with the full suite of CI/CD tools.  It gives our customers a unique and powerful view of the end-to-end software delivery cycle – enabling them to greatly reduce software delivery risk”.

About Plandek

Plandek is an intelligent analytics and performance platform to help software delivery teams deliver valuable software, faster and more predictably. 

Plandek enables technology teams to track and drive their improvement and share understandable KPIs with stakeholders interested in accelerating value creation/ improving delivery efficiency. 

Plandek works by mining data from delivery teams’ toolsets (such as issue tracking, code repos and CI/CD tools), to provide actionable and intelligent insight across the end-to-end software delivery process. 

Plandek is recognised as a top global vendor in the DevOps Value Stream Management space by Gartner and Forrester and is used by private and public organisations globally to optimise their technology delivery and accelerate R&D ROI.

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