Predicting our own delivery

Using Agile delivery metrics to achieve improved predictability

Using Agile delivery metrics to achieve improved predictability

Predictability in software development is known for being a struggle for many teams, but yet so key when delivering significant product change. This week, I caught up with Colin Eatherton, who leads one of our development squads here at Plandek, and we reflected on how we’ve been able to use just a few key metrics from our own platform to help predict the delivery of the latest version of Plandek.

The team used the time series visualisations over completed and unresolved tickets broken down by ticket type to give them a clear recent history and trend of their delivery:

Using the simple concept of ‘Yesterday’s Weather,’ Colin and the team were able to successfully manage the expectations of our Product team and key senior stakeholders, as he explained:

“The additional breakdown and filtering options we have added to the next version has allowed me to get the data I need to keep us on track for the rest of the delivery. It’s also been great, as users of metrics ourselves, to get early validation of the value this will bring to our own customers.”

In terms of predictability, we are only just scratching the surface and have already started looking at other data to aid our ability to manage our delivery risk and provide an even better platform for our existing and new users.

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