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The top 3 Kanban metrics to track and measure Agile software development success

Plandek, February 10, 2022

By Kerry Seaton – Agile Success Manager at Plandek

When teams talk about working in an Agile way, there are lots of different styles and techniques that meet this definition; some Agile methodologies are more common than others, and Scrum and Kanban are two of the most commonly practised. For both Scrum and Kanban, reporting metrics is an essential part of the software development process, which is why Plandek’s end-to-end analytics can be configured to benefit both types of Agile development.

At Plandek we provide many metrics that complement teams using Scrum, but having an attribute such as a sprint is not a mandatory requirement by any means. Did you know that a Kanban team, for instance, can use Plandek for reporting just as effectively as a Scrum team?

Scrum reporting tends to focus on metrics such as Sprint completion, Tickets added or removed during a Sprint, and Sprint burndowns, whereas for Kanban analytics, a team would probably be more interested in metrics like Story / Task flow, Cycle time and Flow efficiency. These Kanban metrics can be easily configured to drill down into meaningful use cases using the metric settings:

Story Flow by Epic

Set your filter to an epic name to see how the associated stories or tasks are moving through your workflow.

Story Flow by Epic Kanban Metric

Flow Efficiency

With this metric, set your active statuses from your Kanban workflow and review the efficiency by seeing how long your stories or tasks are in an active state versus an inactive state.

Flow Efficiency Kanban Metric

Story Backlog and New vs Completed Stories

Using Plandek’s Overlay feature, you can view your story backlog and follow the overall trend of new versus completed stories. Remember you can configure the metrics to whatever suits your teams ways of working, using perhaps tasks instead of stories or you might want to look at this per epic, simply by filtering on the epic name.

Story Backlog Kanban Metric

Plandek offers this and so much more, so why not start adding these metrics to your dashboard today to start seeing true output of your team, whichever framework you are working with. You can also talk to us about how Plandek can help you and your team(s) understand their delivery opportunities and challenges with the use of detailed and meaningful Kanban metrics.

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