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Is this the most powerful Jira dashboard available to you?

Plandek, November 19, 2020

There are many Jira plugins offering Jira dashboards and Jira reporting.  Almost all of these Jira dashboards suffer from integrating only with Jira itself and not the other toolsets that underpin the software delivery process.

Plandek offers a Jira dashboard that combines data from Jira, code repos like Git and Bitbucket, and CI/CD tools for much more powerful insight into the end-to-end software delivery process.

Plandek’s customisable Jira dashboards, therefore, enable you to greatly improve your overall Agile software delivery effectiveness and to track and manage to key delivery metrics and engineering metrics like Cycle Time and Lead Time – both critical to effective Agile software delivery.

Creating a ‘North Star’ Jira dashboard with Agile metrics that everyone understands

Plandek enables teams (and technology leadership) to create a ‘North Star’ Jira dashboard that surfaces a simple set of Agile metrics (Agile delivery metrics and engineering metrics), around which to set broad Agile software delivery goals across scrum teams.

The ‘North Star’ Jira dashboard contains Agile metrics carefully selected to be meaningful when aggregated and illustrative of effective software delivery.

This end-to-end view of the software delivery process is only possible due to Plandek’s ability to provide a Jira dashboard that collates data not just from Jira but also code repos and CI/CD tools.

Figure 1. Example ‘North Star’ Jira dashboard metrics

Plandek Jira dashboards enable these metrics to be viewed at all levels within the delivery organisation.  The flexible analytics capability and powerful filtering allow detailed analysis of delivery, engineering, and Agile metrics by Status, Issue Type, Epic (and any other standard or custom ticket field) all plotted over any time range required.

Figure 2. Example ‘North Star’ Jira dashboard provided by Plandek

Creating Jira dashboards for delivery Team Leads

In addition to the management level (North Star) Jira dashboard, Plandek enables delivery teams to create Jira dashboards and Jira reports at the team level, which surfaces Agile metrics, delivery metrics, and engineering metrics that directly impact the aggregate metrics tracked in the North Star Jira dashboard.

This ensures that delivery teams track and manage to the metrics which in turn drive continuous improvement in the aggregate metrics in the dashboard which the technology leadership team uses to track overall delivery progress.

Figure 3. Example team level Jira dashboard provided by Plandek

Plandek team level Jira dashboards are customisable. Typically, team level dashboards will include a range of delivery metrics, Agile metrics and engineering metrics in six key areas:


  1. Value delivered metrics
  2. Delivery efficiency metrics
  3. Delivery Dependability metrics
  4. Backlog health metrics
  5. Delivery and engineering quality metrics
  6. DevOps metrics

The example team-level Jira dashboard above shows a range of delivery efficiency metrics such as: First Time Pass Rate; Mean Time to Resolve Pull Requests; Speeding Transitions Rate; Product Release Burndown; Cycle Time for Stories and Flow efficiency.

All of these metrics directly impact delivery efficiency and delivery velocity and are therefore popular choices in Jira dashboards at the team level.

As an example, Mean Time to Resolve Pull Requests requires surfacing data from code repos within the Jira dashboard.  Empirical evidence shows that the Mean Time to Resolve Pull Requests metric is critical in reducing development Cycle Time (and overall delivery Lead Time) and illustrates the need for an end-to-end view, combining data from multiple toolsets when creating powerful Jira dashboards and Jira reports which provide root-cause analytics capable of driving significant improvement in the software delivery process.

For more info on how Plandek can help you create more powerful Jira dashboards and Jira reports which combine data from multiple sources, please visit the Plandek website to get started for free.

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