Plandek provides a platform for continuous improvement – with metrics and analytics for Technology Leadership, Managers and Teams…

Plandek for Tech Leadership

Technology Leadership

Plandek helps Technology Leaders ensure resources and costs align with roadmap priorities and set ‘North Star’ metrics to accelerate your value delivery and improve ROI.

Plandek for Delivery & Product Managers

Delivery and Product Managers

Plandek helps Delivery and Product Managers to identify hidden delivery risks, increase velocity and hit delivery goals.

Plandek for Scrum Masters & Team Leaders

Scrum Masters and Team Leaders

Plandek empower Scrum Masters and Team Leads to increase velocity and hit their Sprint goals with LiveView and custom dashboards.

Plandek for Finance Teams

Finance Teams

Plandek empowers finance teams to accelerate value delivery and improve technology ROI.

Operating Partners and Portfolio CTO

Operating Partners and Portfolio CTO

Plandek supports Operating Partners and Portfolio CTOs to accelerate their portcos’ R&D ROI.

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