What's the best software engineering intelligence platform: Plandek vs LinearB?

Interested in a LinearB alternative? Plandek is an end-to-end software delivery analytics platform, suitable for all levels of the organization: teams, managers & leadership.

While LinearB provides a wide range of metrics and OTB dashboards, Plandek has highly configurable metrics and customizable dashboards, providing the most flexibility to monitor the metrics that are important to your organzation.

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We're voted number one for our customer support

Our team are always on hand to help you get the most out of our platform – not just for onboarding or renewal periods, but throughout your Plandek lifetime.

Get value almost instantly with Plandek

“We have been using Plandek now for 3 years and I can say with confidence that the platform has enabled my engineering team to reduce waste and increase productivity.  It only took a couple of hours to get set up before we could start to get value.”

Jonathan Hewer
Happeo | VP of Engineering

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Plandek helps every level of the organization

Deliver better today. Improve performance over time.

We guarantee you won't outgrow Plandek. The most flexible platform with hundreds of metric configurations at your fingertips

Plandek - Cost of Tech Debt vs Cost of New Features

The most flexible solution to continuously discover new engineering insights

Build bespoke dashboards and choose from hundreds of combinations of metrics you can configure to show the intelligent insights that matter most to you.

Plandek has OTB templates and metrics just like LinearB or any other platform (including our DORA dashboard), but we also allow you to conduct deeper custom analysis.

We guarantee you’ll never be left wanting more insights from Plandek; ou may have too many to choose from.

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Intelligent features to help you realize big improvements quickly

“Plandek enables me to track and drive delivery effectiveness, putting intelligent insights into the hands of my teams and enabling me to communicate success better with my stakeholders.” Read full case study >

Phil Haslam
CTO | TalkTalk

Trusted by CTOs & leaders of high-performing agile teams

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