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Our Client Webinar Series showcases the remarkable journey of our customers as they utilise Plandek

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Thought leadership

Plandek Academy - Thought leadership

The Academy regularly publishes a range of expert insight and practical advice, including research studies, practical guides, whitepapers, and webinar Masterclasses.


Plandek Academy - Webinars

Our Client Webinar Series is an exciting opportunity for us to showcase the remarkable journey of our customers as they utilise 

News & articles

Plandek Academy - News & Articles

Explore our latest news and articles for valuable insights, product updates, and in-depth analysis across various topics, including Agile, DevOps, software delivery, etc.

Accreditation & training

Plandek Academy - Accreditation & Training

We offer accreditations to become an Accredited Super User and Change Champion, enabling you to drive positive change within your organisation.

Consulting support

Plandek Academy - Consulting support

Our free Customer Success and paid consulting services are key Plandek differentiators.  For our customers, Plandek is a true strategic partner – helping you leverage the Plandek platform to improve your software delivery capability significantly.


Plandek Academy - Benchmarking

Plandek Academy publishes Plandek’s quarterly Agile DevOps maturity benchmarking data so you can see how your delivery capability compares to your peers.