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Implementing value stream metrics within a VSM framework

Top 5 Agile metrics for teams and managers

The Ultimate Guide to Software & Delivery Metrics

Implementing value stream metrics within a VSM framework

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The Value Stream Management revolution is turbo-charging the recognition that Agile software delivery requires the measurement (and management) of the value delivery process in its entirety – from ideation to live. Only then can you track and accelerate the delivery of value to customers.

But the measurement of the end-to-end value delivery process is tricky – both in terms of which metrics to select and how to embed their usage for positive effect..

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Top 5 Agile metrics for teams and managers

There’s an old adage – “what gets measured gets done”. But metrics are a contentious subject in Agile software delivery, with some Agile practitioners contending that Agile metrics are a bad thing, as at best they can be gamed and manipulated by teams – and at worst may instil a negative culture of “Big Brother is watching you” detrimental to Agile team wellbeing.

However, this negative view of Agile metrics is very much on the decline – with most more mature Agile DevOps organisations recognising the core role that Agile metrics play if carefully selected and therefore adopted enthusiastically by Agile teams.

So what are the Top 5 Agile metrics that engage both teams and managers alike and avoid the pitfalls outlined above?

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The Ultimate Guide to Software & Delivery Metrics

Metric of the Week: Deployment Frequency

As DevOps Value Stream Management (VSM) goes mainstream, organisations large and small increasingly recognise the need to apply data analytics to more effectively manage the end-to-end software delivery process – in order to deliver quality software faster and more predictably.

This ‘ultimate guide’ is designed as a practical resource to help you select the metrics that you might want to track (relevant to your use case); the tools you need to collect the data; and how you might set targets, embed the metrics across your organisation and drive real behaviour change, in order to improve your delivery effectiveness.

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