How Plandek can support your portco CTOs to accelerate R&D ROI

Plandek is trusted across private and public sector organisations globally to drive productivity, improve predictability and accelerate the delivery of value.

Plandek is currently used widely across portcos at Hg, Permira, Silver Lake, General Atlantic, Bridgepoint and many more.

Trusted by Private Equity groups globally:

Plandek provides the metrics and analytics to improve R&D ROI within portcos

Plandek’s key role in the value creation journey

Value creation planning

Value delivery and value realisation

Plandek is used by CTOs across a wide range of Hg portcos to track and drive their R&D ROI

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“Plandek is recognised as a top Global Vendor by Gartner in their DevOps Value Stream Management Platforms Market Guide, 2020, 2021, 2023.”

​”Plandek is recognised as a top Global Vendor by Forrester in The Value Stream Management Landscape, Q3 2022.”

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