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Client Webinar Series (Apr 2023) – Plandek

Plandek on Plandek: How our own Scrum teams use metrics to accelerate value delivery

Plandek’s engineering teams don’t just develop end-to-end delivery and engineering metrics, they use them on a daily basis too. This gives them a unique insight as some of their own end users.

In this webinar, we’ll hear the story of how Plandek has been embedded in one of our own feature teams from the perspective of a team lead, Colin. He will provide a deep dive into the key metric dashboards which they use today, revealing the conversations being driven by these metrics, and the effect that they have had internally.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The journey of adopting Plandek for a feature delivery team and the impact this has had on the team’s culture and the software delivered;
  • How exactly Plandek is being used by the Plandek team to assist with sprints, team progression, OKRs and quarterly objectives;
  • The metrics currently being monitored by the team, how they became important and the impact focusing on them has had.

As the scrum team has matured, so have the metrics. These may further evolve as the team continues its data lead journey toward better software delivery. We hope you will enjoy this unique snapshot into some of the approaches and thought processes Plandek’s ‘Stream Weaverz’ team use.


Webinar Host

Plandek - Colin Eatherton

Colin Eatherton is a senior software engineer, team lead and manager at Plandek. He has a decade of experience in software delivery and has been working at Plandek for 5 years. Colin began his engineering career as a front-end developer who has since learned to work across the wider Plandek system, currently leading one of Plandek’s feature teams: the Stream Weaverz. The team has ~40 Sprints of experience together and has used Plandek to learn about its own culture and how each team member can positively influence it.