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Webinar: Has the ‘new normal’ affected key delivery and engineering metrics?


The world has changed dramatically and a ‘new normal’ has appeared almost overnight – a time of remote working, great uncertainty, changing priorities, and dramatic cost pressures. Software delivery teams sit at the heart of this challenging new environment as organisations look to them to deliver more for less in strategically-critical areas.

Metrics, visibility, governance, and risk management were already an increasing priority in Agile software delivery, particularly in large-scale organisations. But recent events have catapulted them from important to critical.

In our latest webinar we discussed:

1. How has the ‘new normal’ affected key delivery and engineering metrics, and where should you be looking in the data?

2. A new Plandek case study – how can we use critical metrics to accelerate software delivery in the era of remote work?

We were be joined by Tom McKirdy (Senior Business Manager, Elsevier) and Reuben Sutton (Head of Engineering, Plandek) to discuss how they have been using Plandek to gain insights and support their teams in the ‘new normal’.