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For a quick Walkthrough

In this short demo, Will Lytle, Plandek’s Director, Customer Success, talks about the main features of our solution and some of the key delivery metrics our clients use on a daily basis to deliver software quicker and more predictably.

End-to-end Metrics and Analytics

Charlie Ponsonby (Co-Founder and Co-CEO), Will Lytle (Director, Customer Success) and Dieter Danner (Senior Sales Manager) take you through the Plandek product which enables you to optimise your software delivery process. The platform provides a new level of insight, rapidly increasing velocity, quality and predictability.


7 Insights you should have about your Software Delivery


Plandek Next Gen Demo


Webinar: Has the ‘new normal’ affected key delivery and engineering metrics?


Stop Running Blind


Top-5 metrics to manage remote teams in the new reality of enforced remote working