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* “Contributors” is defined as the number of unique people who have been active in the data sources over the last 90 days. It is limited only to the Jira boards, Azure teams, or repos being gathered by Plandek.

If you are gathering data from a workflow management tool such as Jira or Azure, your Contributors is based on the number of unique people active on the respective Jira boards or Azure teams over the last 90 days. Repo and CI/CD contributors are free of charge in this scenario, provided they do not exceed the number of Jira/Azure contributors.

If you do not have a workflow management tool integrated into Plandek, your Contributors will be based on the number of engineers active in the respective repos (e.g committers, reviewers, approvers).

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Plandek Starter Plandek
Unlimited Jira boards and Azure teams max 2
Unlimited code repos max 5
Access the full range of Plandek metrics and analytics (inc. DORA metrics)
Create multiple customised dashboards by persona
Self-manage the addition of boards, repos and pipelines
Self-configure metrics to match team workflows/requirements
Dedicated Account Management and Customer Success
Realtime Jira Cloud gathering
Professional services support to select metrics
On-premise data gatherer solution

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Frequently asked questions

Plandek is ideal for organisations at any stage of maturity, but especially those just starting as having a baseline is critical for any team looking to demonstrate progress.

Teams at an early phase of agile adoption will focus on a simple set of metrics to highlight and track improvements over time (e.g. Cycle Time). As they advance, insights will reach deeper into specific behaviours and across different phases of your delivery lifecycle to enrich your understanding of how you deliver and where further opportunities lie to improve.

To help you assess how far you are in your Agile journey, we’ve created our Agile Maturity Assessment that lets you benchmark your performance against leading organisations.

Plandek has been architected specifically to address scale and complexity. You can connect all of your on-prem and/or cloud instances of tools, as well as a combination of those tools (e.g. Plandek can concurrently pull data from multiple on-prem and cloud instances of Jira, Azure, Bitbucket, Github, and many more).

Once ingested, data is standardised in Plandek so that regardless of the source, the data is able to handle a diverse set of workflows, statuses, issue types, and so on, and can be normalised so that you can look across a broad ecosystem of diverse configurations but the data displays in a simple, user-friendly way.

Yes, this is a key differentiator for Plandek, as we provide our Plandek customers with all the help that they need! 

Our Customer Success Team provide a simple framework to help you select a hierarchy of meaningful metrics and to embed their use (via Plandek) throughout your delivery capability – to drive real performance improvement over time.

In addition, we offer paid professional services (PS) packages for more extensive coaching, implementation and change management initiatives if required. 

Data security is critical for all our clients and we have architected Plandek from the ground up to be secure.

  • Plandek is a SaaS solution hosted in the Google European cloud.
  • Plandek’s key data sources are workflow management tools (e.g. Jira); code repos. (e.g. Git); and CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins).
  • Plandek only stores metadata about the development process and avoids storing data that may hold sensitive IP (as such Plandek does NOT store data such as ticket descriptions, source code, commit messages, attachments or comments). Examples of metadata stored include transitions of issues, the time of commits and pull requests.
  • All-access to your toolsets is performed over encrypted connections. Plandek uses read-only accounts and will never change data in the source systems.
  • All-access credentials which are held are encrypted with Google Key Management Service, giving us the ability to monitor decryptions and revoke and rotate keys regularly.

Yes, customers can choose from a range of paid professional services packages to provide more extensive change management support to embed Plandek and help you create a data-led delivery culture. This includes our quarterly benchmarking analysis, which is available from our expert team of analysts.

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