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Plandek’s role in private equity value creation

Plandek is widely used in Private Equity to optimise technology delivery in portcos, as part of the value creation process

The ability of portco technology teams to deliver value quickly and efficiently is seen as increasingly business critical – and is therefore a key element of the value creation thesis.

Plandek provides the metrics and analytics to better understand technology delivery capability and underpin technology value delivery within and across portcos.

From Value Creation Planning, to value delivery – Plandek provides the quant insight to track and drive improvement

Private Equity Value Creation

Loved by portcos and relied on by PE owners

Plandek provides the Agile, software delivery, engineering and DevOps metrics for portco technology teams to quantify their delivery capability and self-improve over time.

Plandek provides PE operating partners with increased visibility and a ‘balanced scorecard’ of engineering efficiency metrics across portcos, to help ensure highly effective software delivery (value creation).

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