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Build software better with Plandek Agile delivery and scrum metrics

Unlock and combine the data from your DevOps toolsets for a new level of insight across your end-to-end delivery process

Plandek Free integrates with workflow tools like Jira or Azure DevOps, code repos and CI/CD tools for the complete end-to-end view of your delivery process.

  • Align your software delivery to your business goals
  • Identify bottlenecks and build features faster
  • Improve your sprint performance and deliver more predictably
  • Improve your delivery and engineering quality
  • Move from gut-feel to fact – embed metrics in your stand-ups, retros etc
  • Remove your reporting burden

Plandek’s out-of-the-box dashboards surface powerful Agile delivery, scrum and engineering metrics.

  • Surface the widest range of metrics available – Agile, delivery, engineering and DevOps metrics
  • Create customised dashboards to suit your priorities – highly configurable metrics with powerful drill-down and trend analysis
  • Super-easy online sign-up and FREE for 1 Jira Board
  • Integrates with Jira, code repos and CI/CD tools for end-to-end insight
  • Plandek Teams uses Plandek’s secure enterprise analytics platform

“Plandek is a key tool in our Agile DevOps transformation at Bottomline, helping our teams to become truly data-led and to self-improve around critical Agile metrics such as Cycle Time and Sprint Completion.”

Charles Robinson - Director (VP) of Development, PCL Payments

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See the power in your data with Plandek’s end-to-end metrics.

  • See the differences in delivery between your teams
  • Reduce your cycle time by 25%
  • Rapidly improve scrum metrics