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Combine data from your DevOps toolsets for a new level of end-to-end insight, to measure your software development and quality metrics.

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Radically improve your software development metrics

Time to Value

Deployment Frequency

Escaped Defects

Sprint Accuracy

Flow Efficiency

Track and drive your software development performance and KPIs

Plandek integrates across your DevOps toolset to provide an end-to-end view of your value streams. As such it provides a complete view to track and improve your end-to-end delivery performance:

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Used by high-performing engineering teams to transform their software delivery effectiveness

Download the Ultimate Guide to Software Delivery Metrics

This in-depth guide is a practical resource that will help you: select the metrics that you want to track (relevant to your use case); identify the tools you need to collect the data; set targets and embed the metrics across your organisation; and drive real behaviour change in order to improve your delivery effectiveness.

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