Plandek for

Delivery Team Leads

“At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behaviour accordingly.”

Agile Manifesto Principle #12

Teams are often so focused on delivering to the ever-increasing expectations of the business – that there is little time to consider this important Agile principle of self-improvement.

The team-level Plandek dashboards surface the code, behavioural and delivery metrics that teams need to focus
on, in order to become more effective over time.

Teams can quickly build a customised Plandek dashboard to show a simple set of metrics that suit them – so that they can set their own self-improvement goals.

  • Transform retrospectives with quant insight from your own balanced scorecard of trusted Agile, delivery, engineering and talent metrics
  • Capture your team’s feedback in real time at all points in the workflow
  • Agree and focus on the metrics that matter to you, with no time wasted building reports
  • Reduce Cycle Times by removing friction from the underlying delivery process
  • Improve your team’s predictability by improving sprint accuracy.

The net result is self-improving, highly motivated, happier teams and better delivery outcomes.