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Plandek’s Xcelerate™ Framework

Plandek’s Xcelerate™ framework helps clients embed a data-driven culture across their delivery organisations…


Xcelerate’s™ new level of insight significantly improves end-to-end delivery performance…


“Our proprietary Xcelerate™ framework helps clients leverage the power of Plandek – it helps them build a hierarchy of meaningful metrics, tied to their core Agile objectives.”

Will Lytle, Customer Success Director, Plandek

Choosing your Xcelerate™ Leadership Metrics

Xcelerate™ starts by agreeing the ‘North Star’ metrics to be used by technology leadership to track overall improvement in software delivery. 

Typically, these are delivery metrics that underpin the core Agile objective of the ‘early and continuous delivery of valuable software’.   And they are carefully chosen to be meaningful when viewed at aggregate level. 

Commonly used leadership metrics are shown below.

Example Xcelerate™ Leadership metrics

  • Time to Value
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Throughput
  • Escaped Defects
  • Sprint Accuracy

Cascading Xcelerate™ metrics – metrics for managers and teams

The Xcelerate™ framework helps you select a hierarchy of meaningful metrics that collectively underpin your core software delivery objectives. These metrics stretch across your SDLC and are typically owned by Engineering, Delivery, PM, and DevOps.  

Our Customer Success team works with our clients to agree on a set of metrics that meet their particular circumstances.  The most popular of these metrics are shown below.

Integrating Xcelerate™ with your OKR or GQM framework

Xcelerate™ is not a rigid framework.  Instead it is intended as the basis from which clients can build their own bespoke metrics sets that more closely mirror their objectives.

As such, there are a variety of commonly used metrics setting approaches – such as OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) or GQMs (Goal, Metric, Question) which can also be applied to define a bespoke metric set.  These bespoke metrics can then be surfaced in customised dashboards using Plandek.

Large-scale professional services support

For scaled Agile clients who require large-scale (transformative) consulting support, we suggest working with one of our trusted implementation partners.

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